Cats on leashes

Do you ever feel like everyone around you wants you to fail? If not, try fostering animals. Everyone you know — friend, family, stranger, foe — will tell you this explicitly. You will see the schadenfreude in their eyes. They will send you private messages during awkward Zoom meetings: “Why not adopt?” and “ever heard of a ‘foster fail’ haha?” They will show up at your door and say, “Just wait. This dog will change your life.” They will ruin your prospects with potential adopters, hacking your computer and emailing them malicious jokes, or feeding your animal Mountain Dew right before the meeting. They will steal your pet carriers and everything you have to send them away. Or they it will feel like all these things are happening when they aren’t. You will feel the eyes of the world on you, wishing your failure. They will do all this because they love love. Because they want you to say “I tried, I failed, I love this strange new animal

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