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Think about yesterday. Which moment do you remember most vividly? Anything at all?

In the era of coronavirus, time blends into itself, even as a single day sometimes feels interminable. Months can pass just like that. Moments slip away like sinkwater through fingers. But I have discovered a salve: noticing.

Welcome to noticements by me, Denise S. Robbins, where I plan to write about the moments worth noticing. Like when the brightness of Mars matches the ambulance lights on the street. Or when a mother mouse shepherds her babies on a life-or-death journey across a sidewalk. Or when the yellow leaves in Rock Creek drop like rain. 

This is not a how-to newsletter. It won’t change your life. You probably won’t learn very much. It is more of a consistent practice. A practice of engaging with the world that immediately surrounds me.

Every day, I will notice things. Once a week, one of those things will inevitably be worth writing about. I don’t expect to have weekly revelations. But often I find that if I pay enough attention to something, I’ll discover how it resonates with the rest of the world.

I hope that you will find these noticements interesting enough to read, and maybe even try it out for yourself. Make every moment worth noticing.

A broken mirror on pavement. Even though the mirror was on the same plane as the pavement, the focus of the reflection appeared further away. Cameras can only focus on one plane at a time.

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Welcome to noticements, where I write about moments worth noticing.


Denise S. Robbins

Writer. Cat parent. Noticer of things.